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Creation June 2019, maisondelaculture de Bourges - national scene
Puppets, Magic and Live Music

The absence

"A mandarin was in love with a courtesan ..." But if it was necessary, to put this love to the test, to go through a long wait of 100 days and 100 nights!
It begins in a garden, like a Zen tale, on the theme of absence.
Not wanting to seize the Other, postpone the moment of the embrace to leave the beautiful part to the imagination. Because waiting is an enchantment and the Mandarin will learn a thousand and one things about himself and about Love by letting time cross.
In this philosophical tale inspired by Fragments of a loving discourse by Roland Barthes, magic meets the puppet to create a dreamlike and liberating journey. To the sound of the double bass, the calendar flakes, the characters take off and the red snow covers feelings and people with a thin layer of poetry.

Km Jo détourés.png

Creation 2019

All audiences from 12 years old


With : Camille TROUVÉ, Jonas COUTANCIER

Director : Brice BERTHOUD

Adaptation : Brice BERTHOUD and Camille TROUVÉ
Dramaturgy : Saskia BERTHOD

Costume creation : Séverine THIÉBAULT

Construction of the set : Les Ateliers de la maisondelaculture de Bourges

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Duration 40 min

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