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Whose Shade I Am

Ephemeral meeting. Two artists talk, talk about their practice and their experiences without worrying about the trace le behind them by their shadow on the wall...

At the invitation of the World Festival of Puppet Theatres of Charleville Mézières, Fabrizio Montecchi from the Teatro Gioco Vita and Camille Trouvé from les Anges au Plafond converse for the first me with shadow. A poetic conference that doesn’t respect the distance from the screen to the source, an "enlightened" conversation that imperceptibly switches into fiction...



All audiences from 12 years old

DurATION 50 min

The artists who converse - Fabrizio MONTECCHI et Camille TROUVÉ

The look that fictionalizes - Brice BERTHOUD

Voice - Noëmi WAYSFELD

Cello : Martina Rodriguez recorded by Francis Faber

Camille’s costume design : Séverine Thiebault

Stage manager : Anna Adorno

With the precious collaboration of Hughes Hollenstein & Grit Krausse from l’Escale Cie

A command from the The World Festival of Puppet Theatres for it’s 20th edition 

Co-production : The World Festival of Puppet Theatres, Teatro Gioco Vita, Les Anges au Plafond 

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