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"Hurry to pass on your share of wonder, rebellion and beneficence."


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


the PAF offers workshops open to all and cultural actions aimed at the public, in partnership with places and cities hosting shows. H ere ten years that this training center offers a range of workshops ranging from the manufacture and manipulation of the puppet to pop up through the work of the shadows and paper. For more information click in the sub-menu "The PAF".

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Training & professional internships
Since 2015, Brice Berthoud and Camille Found have been working at the National School of Puppetry Arts, in theaters that host Cie shows, or in other places and training centers for continuing education. Find the list of courses, by clicking in the sub menu on "TRAINING & WORKSHOPS".

EN 2007, Les Anges au Plafond ont créé un pôle artistique de formation composé de marionnettistes-comédiennes et plasticiennes-constructrices, afin de transmettre leur savoir-faire et réfléchir ensemble aux thèmes abordés dans les spectacles. Entre 300 et 500 heures d’ateliers et de formations sont données par la compagnie chaque saison.

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