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"Maw maw "
trans-aquatic concert

"Maw maw "
trans-aquatic concert

A very young company based in Limoges, the Knights have just graduated from the prestigious school of the Académie de l'Union, attached to the CDN de Limoges. They crossed paths with the Angels by applying for a construction course on the creation of the Bal Marionnettique and were able to get adopted. Since then, they have been working under the wing of the Angels on their show Lazarus.


"Lazarus", whose title is still and always provisional, is a show that brings together theatre, magic and puppets. Through this magical show, spectators are invited to discover the story of Lazarus Bartabak, a wandering barker absorbed in his illusions, accompanied by his strange puppet sidekick, Fosco. They imagined this character from many stories about hucksters, fairground people and misfits from different eras...

Distribution :

The Knights of Industry

Writing, magic & choreography of the invisible: Gabriel Allee

Invention of creatures & advice in the hollow of the ear: Estelle Delville

Creation of the puppet & advice between the strings: Caroline Dubuisson

Sound & luminescent fantasies: Jerome Leger

In the perilous and grandiloquent role of Lazarus Bartabak: Antonin Dufeutrelle

Contact :

Estelle Delville, Gabriel Allée, Antonin Dufeutrelle,

Facebook :theknightsofindustry

Receptions in residence:

Parallel Garden, Reims (51)

Magic Wip Villette, Paris (19th)

National scene of Aubusson (23)

Malakoff national stage - La Fabrique des Arts (92)

Union Theater - CDN Limoges (87)

On tour :

Gradignan (33)Theater of the Four Seasons, November 27, 2021

Paris (19th)Magic Wip Villette, March 18 at 8 p.m., March 19 at 7 p.m.

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