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let's dance together while we are here !

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The Puppet Ball

A dance floor set up on the theatre stage, a stage transformed into a dance floor, it's the Carnival of Life. Let's dance together while we're here ! Wisely suspended, human-sized puppets are waiting for you. Puppets with long and colourful skirts, tooth castanets, mask hats and other objects. A festive and slightly gloomy universe evoking the festivities of the Dia de los Muertos. There is no longer an audience, actors, spectators or professionals here, only a crowd welcomed to the Ball to set this multitude of inanimate objects in motion. So let ourselves be transported and learn to create beauty together. We work on our suppleness, our centre of gravity, our grammar of manipulation. And at the end of the night, it will be hard to tell which of love or death leads the ball. Who from the puppet or the human dragged us into this devil's dance. Come in black, we'll give you the color!

premiered in March 2020

all audiences from 10 years-old

duration: 2H00

On stage : Camille Trouvé, Jonas Coutancier and Awena BURGES to lead the Ball and the Ensemble 2e2m to make you dance.

Director: Brice Berthoud assisted by Marie Girardin

Scenography: Brice Berthoud assisted by Adèle Romieu

Musical Direction : Fernando Fiszbein

Lighting creation : Nicolas Lamatière

Sound creation : Etienne Graindorge / Simon Marais

Costume design: Séverine Thiebault and Barbara Tordeux assisted by Catherine Fournier from the ESAT of Plaisir

Puppet creation : Amélie Madeline, Séverine Thiebault, Camille Trouvé and Jonas Coutancier, assisted by François Martinier from the ESAT of Plaisir.

Masks collaboration : La Briche Foraine

Stage Manager: Philippe Desmulie / Yvan Bernardet

With the joyful and indispensable help of Caroline Dubuisson, Laura Severi, Morgane Liébard, Camille Bonsergent, Eliane Torralba, Antoine Charbit, Bettina Chantreux, Adèle Romieu, Lou Angelo, Antonin Dufeutrelle, Gabriel Allée, Amélie De Launay, Lou Montagne, Marion Briec, Anne Limonet, Zina Drouche, Aimée Mattio, Marie Jaffret, Estelle Delville.



Production - Angels in the Ceiling

Co-production - Festival MARTO !, Théâtre 71 - Scène nationale de Malakoff, Ensemble 2e2m, Le Tangram - Scène nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, Théâtre Jean Arp - Territorial stage for the Puppet Arts, object theater and others mixed forms of Clamart, L'Entracte - Conventional stage of Sablé sur Sarthe, Jacques Duhamel cultural center - Vitré

Support - Ile-de-France Region, City of Malakoff, Eurydice Theater - ESAT de Plaisir

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