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le Horla

"Nothing had moved, and nothing was in its place."

Nicholas Matthew

I kill us

Free adaptation of the newseponym deGuy de Maupassant

What could be more disturbing than to imagine being our own worst enemy? This is life's trickiest underground quest. understand each other, get to know each other, accept each other to find a kind of inner peace. This short story by Maupassant leads to an almost philosophical reflection on the human condition, the freedom (or not) of choice.

We witness in 126 days the descent into hell of a man who until then lived a peaceful life. On day 1, the man is doing well but the next day finds himself stricken with migraines.

The image then becomes clearer: something or someone would make him act unconsciously during his sleep. Cycles follow where the character struggles to extricate himself from the grip of this evil which suffocates him and forces him to shut himself up at home. Little by little the image of a superior being emerges, invisible to the human eye, who feeds on the soul of his prey, emptying them of their substance. In a final attempt to get rid of it, the character ends up burning down his house after being persuaded to have locked up his enemy there, in vain.

“No, definitely not dead. So... so I'm going to have to kill myself!..."

premiered in 2018

all audiences from 10 years-old

le Horla

duration : 20 min

Production :CDN of Normandy - Rouen

Co-production:The Laval Theater - CNMa, the FMTM - world festival of puppet theaters of Charleville-Mézière, La Snat61 - National Stage of Alençon, the Mont-Saint-Michel Agglomeration Community - Normandy, the Compagnie les Anges au Plafond, The Phalène Co.


and Arnaud BISCAY
Director : Camille TROUVÉ

Puppets : Carole ALLEMAND and Einat LANDAIS

Music : Arnaud BISCAY

Costumes : Séverine THIÉBAULT

le Horla

Photos: Arnaud Bertereau

le Horla
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