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"There is always something missing that torments me".
      C. CLAUDEL


(Camille's hands)

the time of oblivion

Camille Claudel, an angry artist.


Camille Claudel was not quite 18 years old when she left her hometown, Villeneuve, with her mother and siblings and moved to the capital. Noted soon afterwards for her highly accomplished and powerful sculptures, she subsequently studied with Rodin, who was all the rage in Paris at the time. Despite the twenty-year age difference between teacher and pupil, a passionate and tumultuous love sprung up between them, which would eventually lead to Camille’s downfall.

Consumed by jealousy and anxiety about being exploited, she was deemed deviant and confined for thirty years in the Montdevergues Asylum, where she was deprived of her freedom, including the right to express herself.

Cut off from the world, reduced to silence for all those years, she never stopped crying out for freedom.

Les mains de camille les anges au plafond camile trouvé

On stage : Camille Trouvé, Marie Girardin, Martina Rodriguez, Awena Burgess 

Director : Brice Berthoud assisted by Saskia Berthod

Puppets : Camille Trouvé

Script : Brice Berthoud


Original music : Martina Rodriguez, Awena Burgess

Sound consultant : Piero Pepin

Sound design : Antoine Garry

Stage design : Brice Berthoud with Jaime Olivares

Sets : Jaime Olivares with Jean-Francois Frering and Urban Edte
Costumes : Severine Thiebault


Lighting : Marc Martinez

Stage props and mechanisms designed : Magali Rousseau

Artistic collaboration and movements : Dominique Hardy, Einat Landais, Carine Gualdaroni, Jonas Coutancier, Emmanuelle Lhermie, Jessy Caillat, the Equinoxe technical team and all those who may join us in the future!

Duration 1h35

Creation 2012

All audiences from 13 years old

Coproduction :  Equinoxe   Scène   Nationale   de   Châteauroux, Théâtre   71   Scène Nationale de Malakoff, Théâtre de Corbeil-Essonnes, Espace Jean Vilar de Ifs, Théâtre Paul Eluard  de  Choisy-le-Roi,  Scène  nationale  61  d’Alençon,  Scène  Nationale  d’Albi,  F.A.C.M. Festival  Théâtral  du  Val  d’Oise,  Théâtre  Gérard  Philipe  Scène  Conventionnée  de  Frouard, Le Grand Bleu – ENPDA de Lille. Avec le soutien du théâtre du cloître–Scène Conventionnée de Bellac.

Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond


Les Mains de Camille

Les Mains de Camille
Les Anges au Plafond - Teaser Les Mains de Camille (création 2012)
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Interview MARTO - Camille Trouvé et Brice Berthoud
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Cie Les Anges au Plafond "Les mains de Camille ou le temps de l'oubli"
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