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"A tale is such an extravagant true story that it passes for a lie" J. RIEL


In a secluded spot up in Greenland, in the deep of the Arctic night, a man sits alone, insomniac, disoriented, on the brink of a nervous breakdown. 


Then his “friends” arrive, loud-mouthed and drinking, filling the frozen night with their chatter and outrageous tales. All the humour and humanity of Jørn Riel comes together here, at the insomniac’s bedside ...    

We may find that it is sometimes dangerous to name one’s desires, and that puppets can have more imagination than puppeteers…

Arctics Nignts ( "Les Nuits Polaires")  invites the spectator into an igloo for an intimate play about desire, friendship and madness.


Based on JOrn Riel's Novel "Des Racontars Arctiques"





Artics Nights are populated by : Brice  BERTHOUD, Dorothée  RUGE, Dominique HARDY in alternating with Jessy CAILLAT


Director/puppet maker : Camille TROUVÉ
Adaptation, construction, actor : Brice BERTHOUD
Construction and puppeteer : Dorothée RUGE
Lightning design : Gerdi NEHLIG

Sound effects : Xavier DROUAULT

Igloo skeleton : Cousin DOUDOU

Set change from black to white : Eric DESVIGNES
Music : Guillaume TROUVÉ


Co-production : Théâtre 71 - Scène Nationale de Malakoff, the Marcel Pagnol cultural center in Bures-sur-Yvette and the TJP - Center dramatique national Strasbourg-Grand Est

Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Anges au Plafond
Les Nuits Polaires

Les Nuits Polaires

Les Nuits Polaires
Les Nuits polaires - Cie Les Anges au plafond
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