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Premiered in 2017 at MCB Bourges
Puppets, light show and live music


White Dog takes place in the USA of the 1960s, torn by racial conflict.
Martin Luther King has just been assassinated. All over the country, rioting has broken out. Blacks struggle relentlessly to win their civil rights.

Surrounded by this urban violence, Romain Gary and his wife, actress Jean Seberg, adopt a stray german shepherd, and name him Batka. Although their new pet seems sweet and affectionate, he is no ordinary canine. Now and then, he bristles with savagery, as if overcome by his wol sh nature. Without warning, the familiar disintegrates, giving way to the ferocious.


“What is wrong with this dog?” 

The humans delve into understanding the animal’s behavior, trying to save its life.

Together, the lighting, the projected backdrops, the puppets, and the musicians dramatize Romain Gary’s poignant memoir. A jazz drummer keeps the tension rising as the great white expanse of the stage darkens. As if watching a movie, the audience sees a bruised and bruising society take shape, with many a shadowy corner.

Two years after staging R.A.G.E., Les Anges au Plafond continue to illuminate the humanism of Romain Gary. Here, they tackle the question of the conditioning of the human mind.

What hope is there for a dream of brotherhood and reconciliation, when human stupidity rhymes with animal ferocity? Is manipulation synonymous with training?
Can hatred be unlearned?


premiered in 2017

all audiences from 12 years-old

Duration: 1h35

Based on Romain Gary’s novel "Chien Blanc" (Editions Gallimard)


With Brice Berthoud, Arnaud Biscay, Yvan Bernardet, and Tadié Tuené

Director: Camille Trouvé, assisted by Jonas Coutancier


Adaptation: Brice Berthoud and Camille Trouvé

Script: Saskia Berthod

Puppeteers:  Camille Trouve, Amelie Madeline and Emmanuelle Lhermie

Set design: Brice Berthoud assisted by Margot Chamberlin

Music: Arnaud Biscay and Emmanuel Trouvé

Sound design: Antoine Garry

Slide show: Marie Girardin and Jonas Coutancier 

Lighting design: Nicolas Lamatiere

Costume design: Severine Thiebault

Stage mechanisms: Magali Rousseau


Set construction: Les Ateliers de la MCB 
General Management: Antoine Pitel
Press and booking : Isabelle Muraour

Coproduction : MCB° - Scène nationale de Bourges, Le Bateau Feu - Scène nationale de Dunkerque, La Maison des Arts du Leman, Scène conventionnée de Thonon-Evian-Publier, Le Tangram - Scène nationale Evreux Louviers, Culture Commune - Scène nationale du Bassin minier du Pas de Calais et le Théâtre 71 – Scène nationale de Malakoff. With the help of ARCADI Ile-de-France, SPEDIDAM and ADAMI.

Our thanks and thoughts to Nathalie Arnoux.

All pictures and video: (c) Vincent Muteau
Except: (c) Morgane Jéhanin for the picture of Tadié Tuéné and the puppet of Keys
(c) Morgane Jéhanin for the picture of Jean Seberg's puppet 

Because culture must be accessible to everyone :
An adaptation of the show in French Sign Language (LSF) is offered by Accès Culture.
Information and conditions from Accès Culture, a live performance accessibility service.
01 53 65 30 29 - -

This show is also available in a Spanish version with subtitles
Translation: Silvina SENN


White Dog (c) Vincent Muteau
Jean Seberg (c) Morgane Jéhanin
White Dog (c) Vincent Muteau
White Dog (c) Photo Vincent Muteau
White Dog
White Dog


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