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"I gave it all to the sun, all, except my shadow"

G. Apollinaire

La compagnie les Anges au Plafond

Angels on the Ceiling

The story - Puppet, shadow theater and live music 

The company Les Anges au Plafond was born from the meeting of two puppeteers Camille Trouvé and Brice Berthoud, who articulate their artistic language around 3 main axes: the breath of the epic, the space in question and the gesture of manipulation, visible or invisible. Puppets carried, shadows, projections, pop-up, scenography in movement, the poetic and offbeat universe of Les Anges au Plafond is declined throughout the shows with paper as the material of predilection and live music at the heart of the dramaturgy. Driven by the desire to tell intimate and spectacular stories, they transport us into the tales of life trajectories, from the founding myths of Antigone and Oedipe to the figures of contemporary artists.
After four shows mixing the intimate and the political and featuring the figures of Camille Claudel and Romain Gary, they now feel the need to go elsewhere. Their creative act takes as a starting point, no longer the story of a known life trajectory, but the principle of manipulation itself, as the driving force of writing. With the creation of Le Nécessaire Déséquilibre des choses, they set out to explore the meanders of the human being in an attempt to unravel the very complex mechanics of the love desire.

They're surrounded by a joyful team of puppetteers musicians, visual artists, costume designers, lightning and sound engineers,  stage managers and designers, who all add their multiple talents to each of the  projets.

Les Anges au Plafond are artists associated with La Maison de la Culture - Scène Nationale de Bourges, La Maison des Arts du Léman - Scène Conventionnée de Thonon- les-Bains and Malakoff - Scène nationale

They're supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the DRAC Ile-de-France classified as Companies with National and International Reach (CERNI), 

The Region Ile-de-France and the City of Malakoff.

Logo CDN de Normandie Rouen - Les Anges au Plafond

For more than twenty years, they have been artists associated with major production houses, such as the Maison de la Culture national scene of Bourges, Malakoff national scene, the national scene of Aubusson, the Maison des Arts du Léman subsidized stage of Thonon-les-Bains or Le Bateau Feu, national stage of Dunkirk, strong and lasting collaborations which have led them to shine throughout the territory in a broad-spectrum distribution and partnership network.


Director of the Center Dramatique Nationale de Normandie-Rouen since October 2021,Camille Trouvou and Brice Berthoud are developing a creative theater project that is lively and open to the world, a collaborative, unifying and generous place. Under their leadership, the drama center will become the epicenter of a theater of transdisciplinarity, so that from the crossroads of the arts on stage emerge the stories and aesthetics of tomorrow.


Brice Berthoud & Camille Trouvé

Camille Trouvé

Actress, puppeteer and director

Trained in puppetry in Glasgow national school, she met, as she returned back to France, great theatre directors such as Wajdi Mouawad, François Cervantès, Catherine Germain and Laurent Fréchuret. She also followed the training of the International Institute of Puppet in Charleville-Mézières especially with the English company Green Ginger. Her master for lights and shadows is the Italian puppeteer Fabrizio Montechi.

As a builder and tinkerer of unusual articulated objects as well as a performing puppeteer and actress, Camille Trouvé continued her explorations, charting an original, offbeat visual world over the course of her various productions. She performs as a puppeteer in Le Cri Quotidien, Une Antigone de papier, Les Mains de Camille, Du Rêve que fut ma vie, Le Bal Marionnettique, Le Nécessaire Déséquilibre des choses and directed Les Nuits polaires, Au Fil d’Œdipe, R.A.G.E. White Dog.

Brice Berthoud

Actress, puppeteer and director

A circus performer by trade, he started out as a tightrope walker and juggler in the company Le Colimaçon and went on to produce five different shows mixing circus arts and comedy. In 1994 he met the Strasbourg-based company Flash Marionnettes, with whom he put together five shows, including La Tempête (1994), Léonard de Vinci (1998), Les Pantagruéliques (2002) and Un Roman de Renart (2005).

His puppeteering technique, in particular the dexterity and virtuosity with which he switches from one puppet to another, draws considerably on his well-honed juggling skills. On stage in Les Nuits Polaires, Au Fil d’Oedipe, R.A.G.E. and White Dog, he lends his voice to over a dozen different characters. He has staged Le Cri quotidien, Une Antigone de papier, Les Mains de Camille, Du rêve que fut ma vie, Le Bal Marionnettique and Le Nécessaire Déséquilibre des choses.



Antoine Pitel

Tél. : 01 47 35 08 65 / 07 67 18 41 64


Silvina Senn

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Communication and development
Marie Gaudry
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Dominique Hardy

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92240 Malakoff

License number: PLATESV-R-2020-005288

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